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Creating A Website

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Creating A Website

Creating A Website That Delivers

Creating  a website in my opinion, is a method of displaying information  in a visually pleasing, effective and user friendly manner. There are so many hidden aspects to creating a website. What the visitor sees when they view the live site is really only the tip of the iceberg. Web designers have the task of not only creating the site, but also need to work on many areas which are not visible. These hidden tasks often take more time than adding the visible content to individual pages. If a client wants a custom them for his site, that will require a theme to be created (essentially an image) which then gets coded to a suitable platform such as WordPress.


Creating a Website Theme

One aspect of creating a website is the creation of the website theme, also known as theming, or skinning. Theming is not the most enjoyable aspect of web design. There are always issues, until the theme is finally solid and displaying correctly on all browsers (cross browser secure). Custom themes are very time consuming, and present issues every time they require updating. In my opinion a far better solution is to find a theme that’s close to the design you want, and customize that instead.

There are dedicated coders who create custom themes which can be further customized to suit the application and business they are being used for. This is a better option as both security and function updates are taken care of by the theme developer.  The developer only needs to update the theme files to maintain the site. With the incredible functionality that now exists within the admin section of these themes, the possibilities are almost limitless with regards to what can be achieved; one single them can produce an incredible variety of website designs.


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